So why invest with us? 

Track Record

Since our start as a real estate development firm we have averaged a 1.4x multiple on capital invested with us. That means that on average every $100,000 invested in our projects turns into $140,000 for the investor.

When you adjust for time, we have on average produced a 21.9% net internal rate of return for our investors. 



Unparalleled Efficiency

We own our own construction company. This allows us to build cheaper and faster than the developers out there that have to contract out their construction.

We also own our own sales brokerage company. This allows us to save money acquiring properties and to save money selling properties. It also helps us stay more in touch with our audience of potential buyers and gives us direct feedback on how our product is performing.




We all naturally flock to the restaurants, stores, offices, and homes that have great style and ambiance. You know the ones I'm talking about. Like, that favorite coffee shop you always find yourself gravitating towards? Or, that cool new skyscraper that keeps you stealing glances as you drive by?

These real estate works of art impact cities and neighborhoods for decades to come. They inspire people and draw them in. It's that kind of development that we are passionate about.

Our Performance

Completed Projects

Current Projects

*All number for current projects are projections as of 7/31/15.

*All number for current projects are projections as of 7/31/15.

The Investing Process

  • Investors contact us and propose an amount of capital that they'd like to invest in our future development projects.
  • We then go out and identify potential projects that fit their investment goal.
  • If they like a potential project that we've proposed to them, they then sign a Subscription Agreement that commits the required funds needed for us to acquire and complete the project. 
  • Next, we place the property under contract and begin conducting feasibility with our team of architects, engineers, and appraisers.
  • If all of our advisors sign off on the project, we work to complete the acquisition of the land.
  • A partnership company is setup and this entity takes ownership of the land.
  • After taking possession of the property, we begin working with architects and engineers to design the project.
  • When the design phase is completed we begin working with the municipality to obtain all necessary permits.
  • Once building permits have been obtained we obtain construction financing and then begin construction.
  • After construction, we market and sell the property.
  • Upon the sale of the completed development project, we produce a final accounting and then distribute all profits to the investors.

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